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Pact Creates Powerful Incentives for Health.

Getting fit and staying healthy are hard. Pact uses cash stakes to help you achieve your health goals, week after week.



Make a weekly Pact to exercise more or eat healthier. Set what you’ll pay other Pact members if you don’t reach it.


Meet Your Goals

Use the Pact app to track your progress.


Reap the rewards

Earn real cash for living healthily, paid by the members who don’t!

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A Pact for Every Health Goal

There are 3 different types of Pacts - gym pact, veggie pact, food logging pact - to help you stay in shape, eat more veggies, and log your meals. You can choose to commit to one or all of these Pacts.

Veggie Pact

Commit to eating your veggies

Eat more fruits and veggies! Make a pact for how many fruits/veggies you will eat each week. Snap a picture and have it verified by the Pact community. Now go eat your veggies!

Gym Pact

Commit to exercising more

Get the extra motivation to achieve your exercise goals with GymPact. Any gym workout, run, bike ride over 30 minutes, or 10,000 steps in a day counts toward your Pact.

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Food Log Pact

Commit to tracking what you eat

Keep track of what you eat! Log your food with the help of our partner MyFitnessPal. A proven way to hit your weight loss goals.

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A healthier world

Who Uses Pact?

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Kurtis B
"I was looking for something to keep me motivated and came across the Pact app. I began syncing with RunKeeper and getting in my runs either before work or during my lunch break. Over the summer the weight fell off and I lost almost 50 lbs since my peak weight. I've kept it off for all of 2013!"
Kurtis B. / Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
Rebecca F
Even for someone who is very active (cycling, running, Crossfit), Pact gives me that extra boost of motivation when meaningless excuses get in the way of my goals. To date, I've logged 119 workouts and I'm still going strong! Thanks Pact!
Rebecca F. / Texas

You may be wondering...

How are activities verified?

We use GPS, photos and other services to keep you honest. All actions must be verified in order to count towards your Pact. For more details on which exercise and food activites are verified check out our FAQ.

Is it flexible?

Have no fear - it's totally flexible! The goal of our program is to keep you motivated, fit and healthy. We believe that taking occasional breaks is important for a healthy life. You can schedule a break before a new Pact begins.

If you ever run into medical issues, just use our members-only contact form. You’ll be exempt from your Pact until you are better. We may ask for contact information from your doctor or employer to confirm that you are ill.

How do rewards work?

Rewards are based off the number of days committed and completed in your Pact. If you meet your Pact, you get a cash reward for each day committed, paid for by those who didn’t make it. Rewards have generally been $0.30 to $5 per week, depending on the number of activities committed. Quick tip: Stakes are just for personal motivation and will not affect your weekly rewards.

Start Your Pact

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